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Hi. My name is Robyn and I love bathing.

Like, I really love bathing. More than I enjoy doing many other things. I’d choose a soak in a beautiful bath tub over chocolate any day of the week – Hands down, no competition. I’m serious about this, you guys.

If you’re a fan of immersing yourself in a tub of hot water surrounded by candles and uplifting smells, you’ll probably think of Lush before any other company. I’m not any different and my family knows that if you hand me a bag of Lush bath bombs, I’ll pretty much be your slave.

I’m also a big believer in treating yourself. It’s so important and I realise that water restrictions make a shower more viable, but every now and then, you need to “treat yo’self!”

(Thank you for the wisdom, Donna)

However, I also love supporting local companies and I’m always on the look out to try something new. When I spotted Body Treats on Instagram, I was intrigued. They offered bath bombs (or Fizz Bombs), bubble bars, bath salts, and even a bath milkshake amongst many other products!

I’ll be honest, the sheer volume of options is what really drew me to Body Treats. It’s not often that you find smaller local companies sporting such an extensive range. Hand lotion, kids products, lips scrubs, stunning homemade soaps, preggie products, a gentelman’s range, and even something for pets – Body Treats pretty much has it all.

Treat your body

I couldn’t help myself and soon I had received my package that the Body Treats team had so generously gifted to me. You know that I love to boast about products I’ve tried so I decided to give them a little extra exposure through a blog post. Because, why not, right?

Anyway, it’s Christmas time and Body Treats even has a Christmas range, of which I received a couple of products. Find out more about each product and what my thoughts were on each one.

Fizz Bomb Gift Set by Body Treats

Body Treat Bath Fizz Bombs

This adorable gift set is filled with 3 fizz bombs that are small, but perfect to pop into the tub. I actually break my Lush bath bombs in half as they are slightly too large for my liking. It’s one of the reasons I’m a big fan of Body Treats now. The Fizz Bombs are the perfect size and smell amazing! Plus, they don’t leave any residue or colour stains in the bath. That’s always a plus.

The scents include lemongrass lime, soy and quince, and vanilla rooibos. And don’t think that these products lack fizz, just look at that bubble action! They bubble, fizz, and release delicious-smelling oils into the water.

Body Treats also stocks the cutest Cupcake Fizz Bombs that would make the perfect gift for a teacher at the end of the school year. Or anyone for that matter!

Get yours: Grab your own Fizz Bomb Gift Set (containing 3 Fizz Bombs) for R65

Festive Bath Salts by Body Treats

Body Treats Bubble Bar

Next up we have the festive bath salts. Now I know that many people aren’t huge fans of bath salts thanks to that grainy feeling they leave in the water. I hear you, but thankfully I love them. I threw in a good couple of handfuls of these bath salts into the water and the smell alone is amazing. They also leave your skin feeling softer, plus they dissolve easily without any residue.

These bath salts contain magnesium sulphate (or Epsom salt) which is great for helping relieve stress. It can apparently also do wonders for reducing swelling, inflammation, and aches. The essential oils mixed with the salts smell heavenly while the dried rose petals made me feel like I was in a spa bath. It’s the little things.

Get yours: Purchase your Festive Bath Salts (330g) for R55

Sparkle Angel Bubble Bar by Body Treats

Bubble Bar by Body Treats

Soft, crumbly, and creamy once run under water, the Bubble Bars by Body Treats are really lovely.

There’s not much better than a bubble bath after a long day, right? Well thanks to this beautiful angel (whose poor wing didn’t survive the trip – RIP), you simply have to break off a piece and crumble it under running warm water. Bubbles will appear and fill the tub, leaving you with the job of enjoying the fresh, sweet smell of lavender, geranium rose, and lemon essential oils.

The Sparkle Angel Bubble Bar also leaves your water with a shine thanks to the edible glitter which easily dissolves and won’t leave you looking like a disco ball!

Unfortunately you have to use quite a chunk of the bar to get the good bubbles, so don’t expect it to last more than 2 or 3 uses.

Get yours: Add a Sparkle Angel Bubble Bar (60g) to your cart for only R50

More about Body Treats

If you’d like to know more about Body Treats, you can find them on social media (listed below) or visit them at their store where you can handle the products yourself and even book a treatment. Visit them at Welgelee Plein Shopping Centre in Wellington.

Follow Body Treats on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Note: While Body Treats gifted me the products mentioned above, the choice to write this blog post was my own. I believe in spreading the word about great sites and services. 🙂 #NotSponsored


  1. Robyn, thank you for the lovely blog post and the positive feedback. We are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your products. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and may 2017 be a year filled with love, hope and peace xoxox

  2. Beauty Without Cruelty approved and biodegradable containers.
    I’m impressed!
    Wish I’d known about this Wellngton shop when we lived in Porterville.

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