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I have a confession to make, you guys. I work a lot and I’m also a serial procrastinator. It’s probably one of the reasons that I’ve been married for 3 years and up until recently, I hadn’t printed a single photo of my wedding for my own home. I don’t know how or why, it just hadn’t happened.

That’s why, when contacted me via Instagram and wanted to give me a little gift, I couldn’t say no.

Photos and memories with Printwild

(Actually, the lovely folks from PrintWild contacted me via Pixel and Pip’s Instagram account! Who would’ve thought the little rascals would grab so much attention.)

Like I said, I couldn’t resist when PrintWild sent through a little gift that meant I could print photos for my home. I had a choice of their products and I grabbed the opportunity to print a few Faceblocks. I was able to print 7 Faceblocks in fact and I love them.

What are PrintWild Faceblocks?

Faceblocks are the perfect way to bring your Instagram photos to life. I love Instagram and I store most of the images I want to keep as memories on my profile. Faceblocks are 15cm x 15cm in size so they’re perfect for multiple prints.

According to PrintWild, Faceblocks are “printed onto high-quality fine art matte paper and then mounted on shutterply board for a striking effect. They are delivered ready-to-mount with an industrial Velcro mounting system and are best displayed in batches.”

PrintWild Faceblocks

The PrintWild Process

The PrintWild process is super simple and easy to follow once you’ve chosen your photos. This was the hardest part for me as I had so many I wanted to have in my home. I chose the 7 photos above, a mix of my pets, my family, photos of myself and Daniel, and of course, snaps from our wedding.

The best thing about this process is that PrintWild keeps you in the loop every step of the way via email.

Step 1: Once you’ve chosen your photos and uploaded them to PrintWild, the team of photographers on their staff will double check each image and ensure that the quality will be the best it can be.

Step 2: Now that your photos have been uploaded and checked by the professionals, they’re then ready for print.

Step 3: Photos have been printed! Now that your images are no longer simply digital, the printed version of each photo will be double checked for quality purposes.

Step 4: Double checked, wrapped up, and ready to go, the photos from your order are now waiting to be picked up for delivery. This email is an exciting one to receive!

Step 5: Last, but definitely not least, you’ll receive a tracking number and be informed about which courier you can look out for. A couple of days later, the order arrives and it’s awesome.

The whole process took all of 4 days from the time the order is placed to having the delivery in my hands!

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or you just want to grab some of your favourite images for your home, PrintWild has a variety of options. Mounted prints, loose photo prints, canvas products, photo frames, and much more, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

I will definitely be using the PrintWild service again and you won’t be sorry if you do too.

Note: PrintWild gifted me the voucher to purchase the Faceblocks, but the choice to write this blog post was my own. I believe in spreading the word about great sites and services. πŸ™‚

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