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Super simple and delicious ‘focaccia’ pizza recipe

Don’t you just love it when a mistake becomes something so much better than what you had started out with? That’s how this recipe that I created came about. I had never intended to create a pizza recipe, but that’s what this eventually transformed into, and it’s a hit! I’m always looking for the quickest and easiest recipes when making anything, because as much as I love to cook, I have absolutely no patience.

I was attempting to make something entirely different when this recipe was born. I can’t recall whether it was scones or tortillas, but either way it flopped. However, out of the flop a new recipe was born that is so easy and quick, it’s almost too good to be true. I’ve decided to call this pizza recipe “focaccia pizza” because this is not your average pizza. Instead the base is a bit thicker and slightly more breadlike. All in all, it’s completely customisable to what you and your family enjoy, plus it’s ready in only 30┬áminutes!

Focaccia Pizza Recipe