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Treat yo’self with Body Treats this Christmas!

Body Treats on Uphill Writer

Hi. My name is Robyn and I love bathing.

Like, I really love bathing. More than I enjoy doing many other things. I’d choose a soak in a beautiful bath tub over chocolate any day of the week – Hands down, no competition. I’m serious about this, you guys.

If you’re a fan of immersing yourself in a tub of hot water surrounded by candles and uplifting smells, you’ll probably think of Lush before any other company. I’m not any different and my family knows that if you hand me a bag of Lush bath bombs, I’ll pretty much be your slave.

I’m also a big believer in treating yourself. It’s so important and I realise that water restrictions make a shower more viable, but every now and then, you need to “treat yo’self!”

My plus-size model-for-a-day experience with Spree and Evans

If you receive emails from, one of South Africa’s largest online retailers, you recently may have seen this:

Spree and Evans Plus

Yup, that’s my face. Right there in the front row. No, I haven’t decided to leave copywriting and social media behind me and be a model (my laptop and pajamas would miss me too much), but I did win the chance to be a plus-size model for the day with Spree and Evans!