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Shoes from Superbalist

Welcome back or hello for the first time from me, Robyn aka the Uphill Writer!

It’s no secret that I’m a millennial and that means you probably already know a few things about me right off the bat. One of those things being that I love online shopping. In fact, I love to do most things online if it’s at all possible. And I know I’m not alone.

I work online, have photos printed online, order my rides with Taxify or Uber online, and yes, I even purchase clothing online. More specifically, shop for shoes online! Another thing I absolutely adore doing online is “window shopping” or rather, “adding to cart”. (Although that’s not quite as snappy as “window shopping” is it?)

If you’re in the browsing mood, take a look at the glorious shoes from Superbalist I recently added to my cart and perhaps you’ll feel a little inspired.

5 Gorgeous Pairs of Shoes from Superbalist

Now don’t get me wrong, I work and live at home which means I’m pretty much always in my pajamas with nothing but a messy bun and bare feet, but on the odd occasion I slip on some shoes, I need to really love them.

I’m not one of those women who has 300 pairs of shoes that cost a fortune and you’ll never catch me wearing high heels. My flat feet just won’t allow it, you guys! But, boy, do I appreciate a great pair of sneakers and a flashy pair of pumps. Here are my top picks from the Women’s Shoes section at Superbalist!

Shoes from Superbalist

Name: Dineo by dailyfriday

Section: Women’s Shoes > Flats & Pumps

Like I said, I love a pair of pumps, y’all. The simplicity of slipping your feet into a pair of shoes without having to tie laces or worry about the fit is my jam.

I tend to wear pumps for every occasion now and that’s why I love these in particular. The pretty touch of satin, the chunky gold heel, the deep blue suede – I feel like I could wear these with a pair of jeans or with a pretty dress and they’d fit right in.

Shoes from Superbalist

Name: Chuck Taylor All Star Hi II

Section: Women’s Shoes > Sneakers

Is there anything more classic than a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers? The answer is no. Trust me. They’re awesome and that’s all there is to it.

The canvas material means they’re easy to keep clean and whether you throw them on with a pair of leggings or jeans, or you wear them while walking down the aisle, there’s always an occasion to don a pair of Chuck Taylors!

I particularly like these as grey is one of my favourite colours and I think they look amazing with that white toe section. Oh yes.

Shoes from Superbalist

Name: Double buckle biker boot by Missguided

Section: Women’s Shoes > Shoes

I may or may not be a little in love with these boots. Perhaps it takes me back to my emo teen days when wearing studded belts with too-black hair was all the rage, but I love these!

The buckles and studs speak to me and I enjoy a pair of boots that look like they could hold their own in a good fight. Plus, don’t they just look super comfortable? I’m not a fan of shoes that restrict my feet or strangle my calves so these look pretty perfect.

Shoes from Superbalist

Name: Basket Heart by Puma

Section: Women’s Shoes > Shoes

If you know me, you’ll probably be aware of my love for flowers. My tattoo has flowers in it, I love having flowers in my home, and in fact, I have a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers which are covered in flowers and madness. Take a look at my Instagram of them here. They’re actually my favourite pair of shoes to date. But I’m not going to lie, these could be a close second.

The beautiful design, the burst of colour on the black fabric with the large ribbon laces? I’m in love! Plus, they’re Puma which means they should last a lifetime. Hopefully…

Shoes from Superbalist

Name: Silver-Studded Western Boots by Missguided

Section: Women’s Shoes > Boots

As I mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of heels (even on special occasions), but I think I could make do with this chunky boot. Again, the studs are calling to me and the grey suede is gorgeous. I love that this boot is simple, but could be worn with a pretty little black dress or with a nice pair of skinny jeans.

I think everyone should have a few pairs of boots in their closet and this one is begging to be added to my collection. Don’t worry, my pretties, you’re in my Superbalist cart as we speak!

Honourable Mention

Shoes from Superbalist

Name: Lucent by Public Desire

Section: Women’s Shoes > Pumps & Flats

While these shoes are not in my Superbalist cart, I had to give them an honourable mention! If we’ve met or had a conversation for anything longer than 5 minutes, you’ll know that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I have no shame. Slytherin and proud, yo!

The moment I laid eyes on these pumps, I got crazy Slytherin vibes. They’re insane! I can totally imagine Salazar Slytherin puttering around Hogwarts in these babies. Fabulous!

Now that you know which shoes from Superbalist I can’t wait to get my hands on, tell me your favourites! Will you be purchasing any shoes from Superbalist soon? Comment below and tell me everything.

Psst! If you download the Superbalist app on your Android or Apple device, you’ll receive R250 off your first purchase of R600 or more! Don’t miss out.

Chat soon and have an awesome weekend!

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