My plus-size model-for-a-day experience with Spree and Evans

If you receive emails from, one of South Africa’s largest online retailers, you recently may have seen this:

Spree and Evans Plus

Yup, that’s my face. Right there in the front row. No, I haven’t decided to leave copywriting and social media behind me and be a model (my laptop and pajamas would miss me too much), but I did win the chance to be a plus-size model for the day with Spree and Evans!

Firstly, I have to thank the always lovely and beautiful Meg from Mind The Curves. It was on her blog that I entered on a whim (with the mindset of “Why not?!”) to be a model for a day, as well as snag a nifty R1500 Spree voucher. Obviously, I was drawn as the winner and a few days later, I was getting my hair done, being made beautiful by professional make up artists and standing in front of a photographer with no idea what I was doing.

The I Am Me Campaign

Evans Plus, which is now exclusively available in South Africa at Spree, started the I Am Me campaign to celebrate plus-size women and their bodies. Three bloggers chose three winners and we made the day our own. I was super excited as I had spotted a couple of my favourite UK plus-size bloggers in the campaign, particularly Callie Thorpe!

Learn more about the I Am Me campaign and meet the ladies I was fortunate enough to spend the day with!

A Quick Video

As a fan of the old Snapchat, I created a short Story on the day, which you can take a look at below. As you can tell, the excitement was real! (If you’re on Snapchat, you can follow me on CuriousRobyn.)

Working with Professionals

I’ve always wondered what it would be like behind the scenes of a real photoshoot. Would the photographer be shouting orders? Would the hair and make up artists be rough and aloof? Thankfully, what we see in the movies is a lie, and my model experience was one filled with laughter.


Photographer: Ricardo Simal @ Supernova Creative Management

Hair: Mary Gouveia

Make-up: Linda O’Connell @ Gloss Artist Management

Make-Up: Amori Birch @ Supernova Creative Management

Here are a few of the snaps from the day.

Model-for-a-day with Spree and EvansModel-for-a-day with Spree and EvansModel-for-a-day with Spree and EvansModel-for-a-day with Spree and EvansModel-for-a-day with Spree and Evans

All in all, the day was a blast and I won’t be leaving my day job anytime soon, but I certainly will remember the experience for a lifetime! So keep an eye out for the Spree and Evans campaign and you’ll spot me.

What do you think? Will you be shopping the Evans Plus range? Leave me a comment!


  1. Lovely you were so incredibly spectacular – I really hope you felt good about yourself for every second of it – and forever after knowing how many more you will inspire!

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