A happy ending

Happy ending by UnsplashFirstly, this is not the post I had planned for today, but hey, life happens. I’m just happy that I’m blogging at all!

So have you ever had one of those days that just promises to be a jerk from the moment you open your eyes? Nothing specific happens, but there’s that… tingle in the air. You find yourself looking around, wondering what’s going to happen next. I hate those days. Mostly because they often turn out to be the worst sort of days. What makes it worse is that I’m a fairly positive human being. It’s how I deal with all sorts of situations. Focus on the good. Focus on the highlights. Ignore the bad stuff! (So healthy, I know.)

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I woke up and spotted that my salary had been paid into my account. Hey, that’s great, not a bad way to start a morning. Right? Well, fast forward a few hours and I’m on the phone to my bank having my card stopped (and subsequently my account frozen) thanks to hooligans who had their paws on my bank details and were trying to make massive online purchases. Now, the silver lining is of course that my bank managed to stop the transactions and I haven’t lost any cash. I also don’t have access to my account right now which means I’m falling behind on paying my bills. It’ll be okay though. Everything will be okay. (Ignore the bad stuff!)

I was surprised by this bank situation and I thought that I must be in the clear. Bad stuff done. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Pixel’s adventure

Pixel and Pip on Instagram

If you’re around me for pretty much ANY amount of time, I’ll talk about my animals. I have a 3-year-old kitty named Pixel and an adorable 1-year-old puppy named Pip. You can even follow Pixel and Pip on Instagram. Yup, I’m *that* person. I love my animals as if they were my own kids. I don’t have human children at the moment so I pour all the maternal love I have into these little furbags and they, thankfully, show a lot of love back. My husband and I are both totally obsessed with our animals and even our familyย loves them to pieces. They’re really cute. You just can’t help yourself.

Working from home means I spend a lot of time with the animals and they’re always around. Even Pixel, who for a cat, spends most of her time at home. She likes it here. That’s why when it hit 12:00 yesterday afternoon and I hadn’t seen her at all, I started to worry. Long story short, Pixel was missing. Something that had NEVER happened before and was completely out of her nature. Daniel and I spent all afternoon, into the evening, and eventually a portion of the night walking and driving around looking for her.

To say that we were heartbroken is an understatement.

Daniel and I spent a lot of time crying last night. Yes, both of us. These animals are family and the thought of one of them being out in the world scared, alone, and possibly hurt, or even dead, shattered our worlds. As a relatively positive person, I couldn’t stop my mind from dwelling on the worst possible outcomes. Thankfully we have family and friends who helped distract and encourage us. And big brothers who visit from 23:00 to 03:00 because they know how we (read: I) stress and panic. (Thank you, Shane. x)

And I know there will be people who simply don’t get this. It’s just an animal, right? Well, no. Not to us.

Sleep sucked and many tears were shed, but after a lot more praying than I’ve done in a long time, we got a phone call that our silly kitty had gone on a little adventure. She had spent the night in a neighbouring complex, got herself stuck on a car engine while looking for warmth, and was thankfully found safe and sound in a bush. I’ll tell you, I’ve never been so happy to hear her frantic MEOW when she heard me call her name.

What’s the point?

The reason I decided to document this little tale is because, the truth is that life sucks sometimes. Bad things happen to good people as they say. But that doesn’t mean that it will always be that way. Search for the silver lining. Believe in something good. Focus on the horizon, and eventually, one day, everything will be okay. You’ll be happy. Even if it doesn’t feel that way at that moment of horror.

Okay, that’s all from me today. I’ll see you all again on Friday with a scheduled post. x

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  1. yes! When Thomas first came to us … and after weeks we let him explore the walled garden, he disappeared! And returned. And sigh disappeared again. Now he knows this is his home, he sticks around.

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